ICIS Rules

Rules of the Intercontinental Cooperative ITP Study Group (ICIS)
(approved Dec 2004)

1. Encourage every center worldwide to register children with ITP.

2. Each participating center should try to enrol all newly diagnosed children with ITP to avoid biased reporting of cases. Approval by local ethical boards is required from all centers.

3. Any investigator can propose a study project to ICIS.

4. Study proposals must be reviewed and accepted by the Advisory Board and the Steering Committe.

5. The senior PI is responsible for the costs of his/her project.

6. The expenses of the data management and the statistical analysis of the ongoing ICIS studies by the central office in Basel are currently covered by an unrestricted grant until the end of 2005. Additional financial support will be needed to continue the organization.

7. Publication/Authorship: The senior PI and the ICIS steering committee will suggest a writing committee for each project. The names of authors and co-authors will be determined according to their contribution to the project. In the acknowledgement of the publication, the website www.itpbasel.ch will be included where all contributing names and centers are accurately listed.

8. The different writing committees are responsible for every publication of registry data.

9. The ICIS steering committee meets at least annually to discuss all activities of ICIS.